Product Description  ARO PD30A-AAS-CCC-C

275 GPM (1040.9 LPM)

Operators Manual

Sales and Engineering Data sheet 


  • The Ultimate in chemical resistant pump design.
  • Best ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ in the industry.
  • Quick Dump Technology – Non-icing/no-stall operation
  • Efficiency – Simul-Shift™ valve provides ultra-positive, reliable shift signal
  • Reliability – ARO’s patented ‘Unbalanced’ air valve ensures no-stall operation
  • Versatility – Broad range in materials of construction for optimum fluid compatibility
  • Environmentally Sound – Bolted construction for leak-free fluid handling and ribless design to eliminate cracking
  • Serviceability – Easier service through modular design


  • 66109 Air Line Connection Kit: contains Piggyback Filter / Regulator, pipe nipple & 5’ section of hose
  • 67237 Diaphragm Failure Detection Kit
  • 67350-1 Cycle Counter Kit
  • 67263 Continuous-Duty Muffler
  • 67174-30 Screen Inlet Adapter Kit
  • 637369 Air Section Service Kit for PX30R
  • 637421 Air Section Service Kit for PX30A and PX30S
  • 637303-CC Fluid Section Service Kit

    General Description:

    • Inlet/ Outlet: 3 – 8 N.P.T.F. – 1
    • Air Motor: Aluminum
    • Fluid Caps & Manifold Material: Aluminum
    • Fasteners: Stainless Steel
    • Seat Material: Hytrel
    • Ball Material: Hytrel
    • Diaphragm Material: Hytrel

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    Teflon, Viton and Hytrel are registered trademarks of the DuPont Company – Kynar is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc. –  Fluoraz is a registered trademark of Greene, Tweed & Co. Inc. –  Santoprene is a registered trademark of Monsanto Company, licensed to Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P. S

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